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Last updated May 30, 2001


"The teachers in our building brought ThinkingWorks to the building administration as something they felt they must have for our kids. Since we started, it has fostered interaction and collaboration among all of our primary teachers, and it has been adopted as a writing, thinking, and reading support system across the curriculum."
Cathy Johnson, Principal, Oakdale Elementary School


"Eileen Carr is a great resource and motivator for writing in the content areas through her knowledge of curriculum and her respect for classroom teachers and students. Eileen provides the necessary training and support to make hands-on learning minds-on learning as well. In each class she actively engages teachers' own learning processes and then encourages them to apply these ThinkingWorks skills in the classroom with real kids. As we teachers go through the process of learning, applying, and refining our TW lessons, we are delighted to see how much students' writing and comprehension skills improve."
Beverly Copper-Butler, Science Support Teacher, Garfield Elementary School


"ThinkingWorks is more than just a script or textbook; it is a series of strategies and lessons that make your teaching more effective. It is easy for teachers to implement - helping students build vocabulary, organize their thoughts, draw on their knowledge and transfer what they know to writing."
Sara Michaelis, Third Grade Teacher, Wernert Elementary School


"It has been possible to document a rise in proficiency test scores for reading and writing. But the real measure of success is improved reading comprehension and writing quality, not just proficiencies. Even in a short time, I can see ThinkingWorks benefits students - especially those who have been struggling. Now my students are even asking to use the strategies in class, and I've noticed that they're also using them independently."
Dan Streeter, Eighth Grade English Teacher, Jones Junior High School


"As director and co-principal investigator of the TAPESTRIES program, a National Science Foundation-funded project in the Toledo area, I highly recommend ThinkingWorks for Elementary and Middle School Teachers. We have been using the ThinkingWorks strategies for two years to augment the science kits adopted by the Toledo Public Schools and Springfield Local Schools. Support teachers, teachers hired full-time to help their peers improve science teaching and learning, were trained in the use of ThinkingWorks. Both classroom teachers and the children are very enthusiastic about the strategies presented in ThinkingWorks. Two-year longitudinal data show that the science proficiency scores of students whose teachers attended the TAPESTRIES program are higher than the scores of their counterparts who did not complete TAPESTRIES. I believe that much of the success of the students is due to the comprehensive nature of the program, the focus on hands-on science, and the emphasis provided by ThinkingWorks on a thorough understanding of science through reading and writing.
Charlene Czerniak, Interim Dean, College of Education and Allied Professions, University of Toledo