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Last updated May 30, 2001

Teacher In-services

ThinkingWorks delivers the following non-credit sessions for teachers at the school building.

"Sampler" sessions for elementary schools, available in both full- and half-day versions, provide demonstrations of one or more of the ThinkingWorks strategy menus:

  • The ThinkingWorks system and one narrative and/or expository menu

  • ThinkingWorks and mathematics

  • ThinkingWorks and science kits

  • ThinkingWorks and social studies

"Field Trip" sessions pegged to a class visit to the museum, zoo, or other cultural or community attraction show teachers how either individual strategies or a complete set of ThinkingWorks strategies can be used before, during, and after a class visit.

"Putting Together the Pieces of the Literary Instruction Puzzle" is a two-hour session which shows teachers and/or administrators how a school or district can incorporate past and current literacy initiatives while also introducing ThinkingWorks and ReadingWorks.

Fee: $100 per contact hour