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Last updated May 30, 2001

ReadingWorks Course Reading Together

Pre-kindergarten through sixth grade teachers are finding that many of their students have not developed or are having difficulty developing necessary word recognition and fluency skills. The ReadingWorks course provides teachers with numerous strategies that they can use with their beginning readers. The strategies are organized and presented so that teachers can choose from a variety that will meet their students' needs. The strategies can be integrated with a school's already existing reading programs.

ReadingWorks improves students' word recognition skills.

Sample Syllabus

Fee Schedule

At this time, the course is delivered in person in the Toledo, Ohio area by our staff and may be taken for credit through the University of Toledo. In the near future, we hope to enable web delivery of the course.

The course meets for three, three-hour sessions, with six additional hours spent by participants in their school (collaborative planning and implementation of strategies). Teachers have the option of taking the course for one graduate credit hour. In some instances, clinical experiences can be arranged in specific school districts that have clinics in cooperation with The University of Toledo. When combined with additional hours of clinical experience, the course qualifies as the remediation course for Ohio’s reading endorsement.

ReadingWorks proves most effective when it is implemented as a building- or district-wide initiative, and is often completed in conjunction with ThinkingWorks courses.