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Last updated May 30, 2001

What We DoTeacher and Students

ThinkingWorks seeks to improve students' literacy and critical thinking skills by providing educational training for teachers, tutors, and parents of K-12 students.

In our ThinkingWorks and ReadingWorks courses, educators learn not only a variety of techniques for increasing students' skills, but a framework for selecting the strategies that best meet their students' needs and district and state learning outcomes.

ThinkingWorks offers customized non-credit sessions for a variety of audiences - schools, parent clubs, community groups, service organizations, and other groups. Our Teacher In-Service Workshops take place at your school and introduce your choice of our successful strategy menus.

Parent and Tutor Training programs show how parents and tutors can support and extend children's use of ThinkingWorks and ReadingWorks strategies. Customized programs for Parent Nights and the training of tutors are available.

Our Literacy Products are designed for the many people-teacher, parents, tutors- who teach and encourage children to read, write and think critically. The products include teacher professional development manuals, sets of individual strategies that can be used by parents and tutors outside the classroom, Literature Guides for both informational text and popular children's books, and activity guides that help children get the most out of visits to the zoo or art museum.